Pet That Cat!
A Handbook for Making Feline Friends

Pre-order now for July 2022 release


Nigel Kidd, the younger brother of Gideon Kidd from I’ve Pet That Dog, is the cat lover behind I’ve Pet That Cat. He is now the author of  PET THAT CAT!: A HANDBOOK OF MAKING FELINE FRIENDS. 

What does it mean when your cat’s tail looks like a question mark?

What’s the best way to make friends with a cat?

How can you choose the best cat for you?

Why is it important to adopt your cat from a shelter or rescue?

PET THAT CAT! is a book for young cat fans. With colorful illustrations, quizzes, and stories of famous cats it teaches kids how to care for their own cat, how to recognize cat body language, and the history of cats.

You can find Nigel and I’ve Pet That Cat! on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.